Do Bail Bondsmen Carry Firearms?

Often a common question asked by people who are interested in learning more about bail bondsmen and how they work, many folks wonder if bail bondsmen are allowed to carry firearms in their line of work. After all, the duties of a bail bondsman can be risky—dealing with inmates and criminal elements, and if one of those inmates out on bond skips their bail, the bail bondsman has the authority to bring that fugitive back to the police station.

All of this can be risky business for a bailbonds Santa Barbara professional, so having access to a way to protect themselves is critical if it is ever needed. While bail bondsman typically won’t be walking around with a gun when they are only handling duties of meeting with inmates and bonding out of jail, they are allowed to carry firearms, and often do, when working as bail enforcement agents, looking for folks who have skipped their court date and returning them to the police station.

What’s Required?

For a bail bondsman to be able to carry a firearm when acting in the capacity of a bail enforcement agent, there are a few requirements they will typically have to undergo. They will need to undergo a professional firearm safety course to prove that they have the skills and knowledge to safely handle a firearm while serving in their capacities.

The bail bondsman will also need to make sure they have the right permit issued to them by their state, and in any other states they want to work in. All of this normally requires at least 20 hours of training, gaining skills and learning how to handle firearms safely.

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Hopefully, inmates working with bail bonds companies like Acme Bail Bonds Santa Barbara will work to keep the promise they make to their bail bondsman and show up in court, but if they don’t, bail enforcement authorities will be able to do whatever they need to bring them back to the police, and as long as they’ve taken the proper training, they can most definitely carry firearms to defend themselves if they need to.